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B12 SHOTS – $35

  • B12 shots give you energy

  • Our office is conveniently located near the Strip, behind Trump Tower

  • We use the best version of B12 – Methylcobalamin

  • We also have specials for locals!!

Many people in this country have low B12 levels. B12 is critical vitamin for metabolism and energy. One study from the US Department of Agriculture found that over 40% of people are in the “low normal” or “deficient” range. The people with the low values described themselves as “busy people with fast-paced lives.” Doesn’t that describe most people in Las Vegas?

At Hangover Heaven, we use the methylcobalamin version of B12, which is the absolute best version of B12, versus the cheaper version, which is the cyanocobalamin version.  Most clinics use the “cyano” version because it is cheaper.  But, it has to undergo two reactions before your body can use it.  With the “methyl” version, it is immediately available to your body.

You can also try our “Super B Complex” shot, which as B vitamins 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 12!  The Super B shot has the “methyl” version of B12 as well.

What does Vitamin B12 do?

  1. Helps the body process carbs (this is how it helps with weight loss)
  2. Helps the body make red blood cells (especially important for women)
  3. Is  a critical part of making ATP, which is the basic unit of energy for the body (like gasoline for your car)
  4. Helps the body breakdown alcohol

Here is a video of Hangover Heaven treating a UFC fighter.  B12 and other vitamins are very important for overall health and energy.

B12 shots are an excellent way to get B12 rapidly into the system. We recommend B12 shots twice per month. These shots are administered as an IM (intramuscular) injection, usually in the arm or buttocks. It is relatively painless and has few side effects. You can be in and out of our clinic in less than ten minutes. We are conveniently located close to the Las Vegas Strip, right behind Fashion Show Mall.  You may also want to consider one of our “Super B complex shots.”

Our B12 shots are $35 each or $300 for a B12 shots package of 10. Our Super B Complex shots are $45 each or $400 for a package of 10. We do have a special program for entertainment industry personnel, please call and ask our receptionist for details. All of our medications are high quality and obtained from a US-based supplier.



For Las Vegas visitors, shuttle service is not available for B12 injections unless it is for a group.

For more information, please call the clinic at 702.749.3300.

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