Vitamin B Complex Shots – Super B Complex Injection

Hangover Heaven® has treated thousands of hangovers since opening in April of 2012.  While Dr. Burke is an advocate of IV therapy, he feels that it would ultimately be better for people to not have a hangover in the first place.  This is why he invented the Hangover Heaven Super B Complex shot.

B12 Shots are very popular worldwide currently and they are very effective at increasing a person’s B12 level.  B12 is an important vitamin in general, but also important for alcohol metabolism.   B12 shots are also an excellent idea if you are just hungover from life due to stress, work, hectic schedules, or otherwise.

Most people in the world today are deficient in most B vitamins.  While B12 is important, there are other B vitamins that are even more important when drinking alcohol.  You can think of B vitamins as “assistants” that help your body get rid of the breakdown products of alcohol.  These breakdown products are what make you feel bad the next morning, so you need to keep your supply of assistants stocked up, especially when you come to Las Vegas.

Dr. Burke has spent the last three years of his career researching the causes of hangovers and developing methods to treat hangovers.  He is the first physician to cure hangovers and is the founder of Hangover Heaven.

Why Take Vitamin B for a Hangover:

  • The Hangover Heaven Super B Complex is a combination of six different B vitamins (B vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12,) all of which are necessary for alcohol metabolism.
  • This shot is given the same way as a B12 shot, either in the arm or the buttocks.
  • When combined with the Hangover Heaven antioxidants, clients have felt more refreshed and less hungover in the morning.
  • One client of Hawaiian descent, who is 5 foot 1, 105 lbs, had 10 drinks over 4 hours the night before and had no hangover the next morning.  She ordinarily gets severe hangovers.

Hangover Heaven  Super B Complex is not a magic bullet for every situation.  If you drink for 18 straight hours and consume an enormous amount of alcohol, you will still likely end up with a hangover.  But, you might be able to get by with a basic Hangover Heaven treatment versus our premium package.  For most clients, if you drink a reasonable amount of alcohol, it is likely that your morning will be much better with this treatment….because, who wants to be hungover in Vegas?  There is too much to do.

The “HH Super B Complex” shot costs $45 per shot or $400 for a Super B package of 10.

Consider getting one of our shots and antioxidants when you get to Las Vegas.  You will be happy you did.

For Las Vegas visitors, shuttle transport for this service is only available for groups of five or more.

For more information, please contact the clinic at 702.749.3300.

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