Why We Are The Best Las Vegas IV Hangover Cure

Hangover Heaven – The Best IV Hangover Cures in Las Vegas

If you are feeling rough and in need of an IV, you need to know why we are the best.  One might think that a “bag of saline” will cure a hangover when you are in Las Vegas.   In this same train of thought, a person might think that any Vegas IV therapy company is as good as the next.   Neither of these two ideas are true.  Let’s take a look at these issues:

1.  “A bag of saline will cure a hangover.”  Yes, for a 20 year old Army Medic, a bag of saline will probably help them, but when a person is 20 years old, hangovers are short hhtest3281d experiences no matter what.  Curing a Las Vegas level hangover takes much more than IV fluids, especially if you  are over 30.  Hangovers are actually much more complicated than dehydration.  Not all IV hangover cures are the same.  A complete IV Hangover cure should include IV hydration, IV antioxidants, IV anti-nausea medicine, and IV anti-inflammatories.  For an epic hangover, all of these components are necessary.

2.  “Any IV Therapy Company is as good as another.”  In the table below, you can see the differences between Hangover Heaven and the other companies in town.  We treat more hangovers than any other IV therapy company in the world.  We are the only Hangover focused medical practice in the world and the only one that has active physician involvement.  We also have a  Dartmouth-educated Ph.D in charge of our research program.  Take a look at the table below to learn more:

Why We Are The Best

Hangover Heaven Our Competitors
Who is their doctor? Dr. Jason Burke Not Sure
Uses Nurse Practitioners and PA’s? Yes No
Able to give prescription meds? Yes Mostly No
Pioneered use of IV antioxidants for hangovers? Yes No
Treats the highest number of hangovers? Yes No
Active Hangover Research Program? Yes No

When choosing the company to administer your IV Hangover cure,  please take the above points into consideration.  Due to the way they staff their companies, some of the other IV therapy companies now do not give the full range of medications and antioxidants because they do not use physicians or mid-levels.  In other words, you will receive an incomplete treatment.

Why we are the best Las Vegas IV center

Hangover Heaven IV Specialist

At Hangover Heaven, a Nurse Practitioner, PA, or Doctor will physically see you and prescribe your treatment.  Thus, we are able to give you any and all of the IV medications  and IV hydration you require to get back to your vacation.  We can treat you at our clinic in Las Vegas, or send a team to your hotel room for a house call.

All of the scientific research shows that hangovers are caused by free radicals (oxidative stress) and inflammation.  Dehydration is a distant third cause.  A company opened about 8 years ago in Las Vegas at one of the hotels and only gave clients a “bag of saline.”  They went out of business in 3 months because clients did not feel any better.

Hangovers are much different beasts when you are past 30 years old.  If you are in Las Vegas and have a bad hangover, go with the experts and call Hangover Heaven.  Now you know why we are the best.    Factor all of these issues into our decision making and there is no other conclusion to reach!

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